Sorting, pricing, clean & polishing, preparing for sale.


furnishings, rugs, crystal, porcelain, clothing, linens, bedding, kitchen items, collectibles, lamps,chandeliers, silver & jewelry, militaria, garden furniture etc

Our guarantee:

- dedication

- peace of mind

- quality service

- instant payment

- confidentiality

-honest evaluation

We only have your very best interest at heart and work hard for you to get the very best value for your personal property.



Comments of appreciation:

" Thank you. It was a piece of cake for me. I could have never done it myself."

" I am so glad you adivsed me what heirloom to keep and what to sell."

"We should have used your services 2 years earlier and would not have let my mom's stuff go for pennies on the dollar."

"It was a breeze for me and you took all my anxiety away how to dispose of 60 years of collecting stuff in our house and barn."

"You went beyond of what we expected and a special thanks for having the "good" things packed and shippend to NY. They arrived all in one piece and we will cherish them."

" Thank your for selling my 30 year collection of perfume bottles to a collector who will appreciate them."

"I will recommend you to all my fellow senior citizens to make their life easier and enjoy their retirement. I wish everybody had been so honest and knowledge-able about the value of my property."

"I wish I had used your appraisal services in earlier years to find out the real value of all my treasured possessions."

As per WIKIPIDIA: “An Estate Sale is a type of garage sale, yard sale or auction to dispose of the majority of the materials owned by a person who is deceased or will be moving.      

 Estate sales are usually conducted by a professional, for a percentage of the revenues. This is because the scope of the process is usually overwhelming to the survivors, and for the specialist's experience with pricing antique items, his or her following of customers, and the specialist's experience in disposing of unsold goods in an unsentimental manner after the run of the sale. Antique and collectible dealers use estate sales as one of their more important wholesale sources. Estate sales are typically 1 to 3 days long, often with a price reduction toward the end.”

Before a public on-site sale, we invite dealers and collectors for a preview and private sale, which in most cases makes a public sale unnecessary and will bring in more money and fasten the liquidation process.

Our promise to you:

Our personal property appraisals  will get you fair market prices for your property instead of letting it go for a song at the local auctions or a yard sale. Our 35years in business enable us to provide you with unparalleled service.

Local companies will most likely undervalue the worth of your estate and counting on your vulnerability to dispose your property as fast as possible regardless of the real value. Working with a variety of professionals, dealers, collectors, consultants  and experts  will get  you the best evaluation of your items.

Since we are working on a percentage basis we are highly motivated to sell your items for the highest possible price and a well established network of professionals  specializing  in  i.e. furnishings, porcelain, crystal, rugs, lamps, kitchen items, jewelry, silver, collectibles, bric-a-brac, clothing, linens, bedding etc.  will be on your side.

We are dedicated to providing peace of mind by submitting honest estimates, delivering quality service, and the highest net value for your property. Our estimates reflect that knowledge, cumulative experience, and especially familiarity with markets in NC, but also other metropolitan areas  for high end items.

We will treat your personal property with the utmost care; evaluate, sort, group, clean, polish, price  and make them presentable for sale.