What is it Worth?
You went to an Antique Mall and think you found a valuable antique for a bargain price with a great value! Now you want to find out what it is worth. Attempting to find out the real value on your own will take research experience and knowledge and we can provide that. We only provide written appraisals.

Appraisals are very time consuming. In order to give you an accurate appraisal, we need to check auction records and literature and use a diversity of research tools to determine the authenticity and true value of your item.


A near two-century-old copy of "The Star Spangled Banner" sold for $506,500 in December at Christie's auction house in Manhattan.The famed sheet music is one of 11 known first edition copies. Start digging people.

Why wait? Find out if you have been holding a long lost treasure and turn it into real money today.

Assistance with all major auction houses in the US, Europe and Asia available.


Appraisal Types

Insurance Replacement Value
The value that would be required to replace a work with another of similar age, quality, origin and condition within a reasonable length of time in an appropriate and relevant market. For insurance company for your scheduled fine arts policy in case of losses due to fire, theft, damage, flood, etc.

Fair Market Value Appraisals
As defined by the IRS, an FMV appraisal is "the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having a reasonable knowledge of relevant facts."

Additional types
Other types of appraisals can be written and tailored for specific circumstances when required for estate planning, object donation to a recognized museum or institution, collateral, and liquidation of property and forced sales.   

Appraisal Items:
Artwork, Silver, Jewelery, Documents, Porcelain, Books, Crystal, Memorabilia, Collectibles, Glass, Rugs, Chandeliers, Lamps, Orientalia, Ivory and more..